About me

Abebe was born in a village in the Gara region, in Gondar district of Ethiopia. At the age of 9, he immigrated to Israel in Operation Moses through Sudan. In his youth, he studied at the religious youth village in Kfar Hasidim and began his journalistic career when he joined the IDF and served on Army Radio for four years, first as a reporter and later as editor-in-chief. He currently serves as a correspondent for Yedioth Ahronoth for Diaspora Affairs, the President’s Residence, the Jewish Agency, Jerusalem and the surrounding area. Adeno is considered an institutionalized and controversial correspondent among Ethiopian immigrants in Israel. He usually serves as a reporter on community-related issues.

Along the years we have felt that we would like to give back, give back like others helped us. That is one of the reasons we came to South Africa 8 months ago as shilichim of Habonim Dror Olami and World Zionist Organization(WZO ) .

We believe that giving is also receiving, if we can give a little to the Jewish community in our small way, then that’s what we will do.

A few months ago, I decided to start a new project called ‘’Your Neighbour’’ This initiative stem’s from the fact that I have a strong feeling of obligation to help and give back to disadvantaged communities.

We know it’s not easy, we knew from the start it would be hard. Again traveling, again another country, different people, some good and some not as much, but that is life.

I believe that our obligation as Israelis is to let people abroad know that Israel is waiting for them but they are also not less important than they are here.

In the end I am an Israeli that did the 800km journey, I was born in a village. Until age 9 I couldn’t read or write. I went through a tough Aliyah. I have become a journalist, my wife a nurse. We have four beautifully black Israeli children, we represent the new Israeli society.